Agora Pansiyon is situated in the Kapıkırı Village at the north side of Bafa Lake. Here away from the daily hectic of
crowded tourist flow, you can enjoy the wonderful landscapes and views of Bafa Lake.

As the sound of a rooster crowing wakes up the village, you can start the eventful day wholly rested after a comfortable
night. Youwill receive a feeling of stillness and a feeling of being at home flows in you immediately.

What can an authentic holiday be described perfectly better than a small but fine hotel run with dedication by the owner 
Orhan Serçin and his sons Mithat and Oktay. Orhan like to share his tips with his guests on the secret hiking resorts
around the Bafa Lake gathered after many years.

One can describe the 13 rooms as traditional, original and rutic. Rooms have 2 or 3 beds with bath and WC.
The central heating runs on nature friendly Pellet oven, and we should not miss to mention the hamam of the pansion.
After a strenous and very impressive day, nothing sounds more favourable than the comfortable  the turkish steam bath.
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Kapikiri Village Milas 48234, Turkey TEL : 0(252) 543 54 45
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