There is a world wide known rule,  the mother cooks the best.

For this reason the kitchen of Agora can not be seperated from the concept of family run business. Here cookes
mrs.Özgün with her delicate recipes always with passion.

The menu always has dishes from seasonal and local ingredients that turn into a real Turkish culinary feast at hands of
the cook

The appetizers (meze) varies from soup to salads, marinated Vegetables and to the traditional bakings. Stewed or
drilled meat or fish with a rich supplements are the main courses. Next to classical turkish spices the home grown olive
oil gives the necessary touch to the meals. Local wine ot the traditional Turkish Dirnk Rakı are the right accompany for
the dinners eaten on the teraase in the mild temperature or in the comfortable nice dining room.

For a adventerous day, the basic requiremet should not miss. You should enjoy the rich and well balanced breakfast in
Agora Pansion. You can have fresh baked bread with cheese from village and olives from neighbourin grooves or
yoghurt sweetend with local honey..

The kitchen is the credo of the hause perfectly.
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