Nature and History
The Kapıkırı Village is the ideal base for  hiking, Culture tours and excursions around Bafa lake. At the foot of the latmos
Mountains directly along the lake coast runs the country road that connects Milas and Söke.

The village is built on the antique ruins of City Heraklia. The stone ruins are used to built houses or streets, so the whole
village is under protection.

The offered sights seeeings and ruins stretch itself from stone age to modern times. Tamples, city walls of the Carian
presettlement Latmos is only one  of the many cultural attractions.

You can reach to several culture destinations and make study trips from this point.

It is iddylic and geographically well located next to nature reservations, and Bafa lake paradises away from the mass

The lake Bafa was formed by the silt of the Meander river where it flows into the sea in Söke after 560 km from its
spring and formed this lake. Bafa Lake is a habitat for many tousands of flower and animal species. It has 7.000 haktar
surface (15x5 km) and max 25 mt depth, contains many creatures waiting to be observed hobby zoologs not on the
shores but also in the lake.

Her e lives more than 200 bird species, some of them belong to the category of extinction in this regard Bafa lake and
its 4 islands are declared as nature converstaion area by the Ministery of Environment. (White stork, eagles, barn owl,

Olive grooves and the typical mediterranean flora is the charactheristics of the Bafa Lake. Several kinds of Orchidees,
Herbs such as sage, thyme, oregano and wild asparagus and beets are some of the many speicies waiting to be
discovered and to flavour the local kitchen.

The region around Bafa Lake is also famous for its archeological troves next to the natural traeasures. The ruins of
Christion Closter on the İkizce Island or the antique city heraklia are two of the many sites to visit.

As for the natural beauties, latmos Mountain  stands the 1.400 mt  high in the scenery. Inspired by the silhoutte The
Turks name it as BEŞPARMAK DAĞLARI - Five Fingers. It is possible to walk comfortable trails or more claiming trails
could be walked on the rough region. Here come all the tourists on thier own costs.

The extraordinary rock formations somehow draws you the picture why and how the stoneage human  had believed in
that such formations were the dwellings of historical gots. One must pay attention not lose its was as he looks at the
stunning lnadscape.
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Map of Lake Bafa
Map of Heraklia