The wander with donkeys in Latmos Mountains
The donkeys are the right partners for wanderıng in this historical landscape, hopefully they are
not too lazy.
Donkeys are the best means for travellers to cope with this historical landscape arround Bafa Lake
and the Latmos Mountains. Donkeys are not only in your sight you could also hear them
everywhere you go, They are like biblical creatures which appear on the scene, giving a very
romantic atmosphere.

The olive grove of Mr.Orhan Serçin is the starting point for this special tour. Here our 4 legged escorts are saddled with many bags so that the
wanderers are only responsible for their personal belongings and drinking water. The heavy bags should not diminish the joy of the coming
wonderful tour with its burden on your shoulders.
To be able to manage the paths without any problem, it is enough to have basic alpine experience.
Also the correct footwear should be possessed and of course it shoud be tried and be already worn in.
The daily stages are tiring (however, if the pace is suitably arranged between resting pause and the food is balanced) the animals and the
guests can rest enough and have pleasure in it.
At the end of the trip, it feels hard to say good bye to the long ears.
You will enjoy in this trip
Harmonious trecking in  a bizzare landscape,
donkeys as true friends and companions,
visiting nomadic villages in their traditional mountain settlements,

Itinerary :
The right to change the itinerary is upheld.

1st Day : Arrival to izmir Airport
Transfer to pansion Agora in Kapıkırı in the antique city Heraklia by Bafa Lake.

2nd Day : Guided tour in antique City Heraklia and the City walls.
Our first tour in Heraklia is about 6 hours. On the route to Bafa lake and necropolis we will come across to the Theatre Bouleuterium which is the
first encounter with the city. The highlights of the day are a view of the latmos village, visiting shortly Pantokrator caves (Byzantine period) and
an optional visit to Stylos Cloister. On our way to a Greek lake Castle we will walk by Endymion’s Sacred place then back to our domicile. The
Agora Pansion is the best starting place for our next day's tour.

3rd Day : Walking in Latmos
After a hearty breakfast we start to wander with our already saddled friends. With a view over Bafa lake we reach old Latmos Village which
leads our march to Latmos Mountains.
The path is mostly ancient cobble stone  trails accompanied by diverse scenes of nature on a route which forces one to make pauses to enjoy
the scenery. Our walk will also be through a very different flora and fauna. Our tiredness will be rewarded in Ms.Hatice’s hut with her tasty
dinner, then we will enjoy the homely atmosphere by sleeping on our travelling beds.

4th Day : To Bağarcık Village
Our day starts early in the morning as it has for thousands of years with cold water and fresh goat’s milk.
Our route goes to the Village of Bağarcık through the pine forest. First the path is steep uphill, then a flatter later section. The Zeus-Temple is
our guidepost to our destination. There we will be welcomed by the mayor, İsmail and his wife for a traditional dinner in his family house.
After taking showers we will sleep all together in the dormitory.

5th Day : the Weather God in Tekerlek Mountain
Today, the summit of the Latmos Mountains shows us the direction: we climb up a stoney path. Here we realize the comfort of the donkeys.
At Tekerlek, we pay a visit to the Weather God.
A stalagmite cave will be our accommodation tonight. Of course a rustic food will be eaten round a camp fire.

6th Day : Finally it goes downhill
After some 4 hours, we reach a camp place with a better service, to a terraced garden under the skirts of Karahayıt village. Here we erect our
tents and enjoy our meal together but this time under a clear sky with stars.

7th Day : Back to Agora Pansion
Our way goes downhill to Agora pansion. A short detour to Seven Brothers Monastery (Yediler) in Karahayıt is todays section aim. 
Tonight our tired guests will enjoy the special treat Hamam in Agora pansion.
All our impressions and experinces will give us enough to share with each other in our last and comfortable night.
8th Day : Transfer back to İzmir airport and departure
Kapikiri Village Milas 48234, Turkey TEL : 0(252) 543 54 45
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