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Hiking around Bafa Lake and  in Latmos Mountains

It is a 7 day trip for youngsters and grown-ups. This trip is also away from tourist centres and
mostly 3 to 5 hours walk through olive groves, in time-frozen anatolain villages, along city walls,
and following antique trails in culture and history-rich geography with many interesting sights.
We might have our meals sometimes in an antique Temple, in a necropolis, a Byzantine Cloister,
by early Christian rock paintings, or in a hermit’s cave.
Stone age rock paintings are evidence of the prehistoric history of the region

1st Day : Transfer from Airport to Agora pansion in Heraklia (Kapıkırı) at Bafa Lake. The arrival Airports are Bodrum or İzmir.

2nd Day :  From Karahayit to Gölyaka
After a short bus transfer we reach to our next hiking stage, Karahayıt Village. After an hour ascend we arrive to prehistoric rock paintings in
Balıktaş. The antique trail leads us through olive groves to the imposing ruins of “Yediler” or “Seven Brothers Closter” and next to it there are one
of the oldest byzantian  frescoes. There we will have our lunch meal with a far reaching panorama of the Bafa Lake. The trip continues with an
easy trail to our next destination “rock paintings in Kardemlik”. And shortly after we reach the last stop Gölyaka Village. The transfer  here we
are tranfered back to agora pension in Kapıkırı in 10 mins.

3rd Day : City Wall
The city walls of the antique city of Heraklia are about 6.5 Km long and reach 500 mt high at its upper most watch tower. You will enjoy the
marvellous view from this position. The further trail takes you through the bizarre rock formations down to the historical settlement of Latmos
that had been erected long before the city of Heraklia. After our hike along the shore of Bafa Lake we arrive back at the Agora pansion.

4th Day : Excursion in The Antique Cities
Today's itinerary includes 3 famous cities of the antique ages, Apollon Temple in Didyma , Miletos the city of philosophers and mathematicians,,
Priene the city overlooking the meander delta.

5th Day : Gökkaya-Kiliselik
We hike on a macadam trail towards summer settlement highland (yayla) of Kapıkırı and then we hit the antique trail over a low hill down to the
lake shore to İkizce Adaları (Twins Islands).During the whole walk we have a pleasant view of Bafa lake. The bigger one is connected to the land
with a sand bank, so we can walk to the massive defence wall ruins of the Byzantine cloister.   Here you can take a swimming break. Our route
goes westwards to Menet Island (bird island). You can observe Cormorants, herons, pelicans, Ruddy shelduck and many other birds with

6th Day : Excursion to Milas
Farmer's market and more

7th Day : To the mountain pastures of Latmos
In spring this stage is particularly special, the trail is lined  with Orchids, wild lavender, anemones and with uncountable numbers  of flowers  on
both sides. Additionally an antique trail of varying character awaits us.    Upwards the Beşparmak Mountains lie to the north. Our first stop is in a
very old Nomad hut in the hamlet named Pınarcılar. After tea and delicious local tastes we hit the road for our last destination, Karadere cave full
of rock paintings from Neolithic times.
8th Day : Transfer to Airport
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